Marketwatch – 10 Powerful Women on Being the Boss

While women still have a long way to go to achieve gender parity, we’re in an era where women are starting to get more representation at the top — and they’re speaking up about it. Which is good for all of us. Being vocal about managing a team, making tough business decisions, and being ambitious hopefully paves the way for more female leaders — something we desperately need.

Here are 10 bosses on being in charge:  Read More

Managing Yourself – Succeed in New Situations – Harvard Business Review

Success almost always requires putting yourself into new situations. To further your career, you must take new jobs, join new organizations, transfer to new office locations, and meet and build relationships with new customers, suppliers, and industry peers.  Read More

Women. Fast forward. Why 80 years is just too long – Exceptional, July-December 2015

The numbers don’t lie: everyone benefits when women are represented in senior roles in the workforce. So why does the World Economic Forum say we will only achieve gender parity in 2095? And what can companies do to beat the clock? Read MoreEx

C-Suite: What Will Be the Greatest Risk Facing Boards in 2016?

Boards are facing an unprecedented number of new risks, in addition to those already crowding their agenda. The specific risk factors fall into three primary categories—strategic, operational and external risks or “signals of change.”  Read More

Fortune – Most Powerful Women

One trillion dollars in stock market value. That’s what just the 27 CEOs on the Fortune Most Powerful Women list control. But there are 24 more women on our 18th annual list—including a special bonus pick.  Read More

Career Gains at Risk for Women in Europe, United States, Mercer Warns

As the European workforce ages, it raises the possibility that more women will exit the job market to care for the growing elderly population, the report warns. “Leaders risk failing to develop enough qualified workers in Europe to deliver on economic growth,” said Patricia A. Milligan, Global Leader, When Women Thrive at Mercer.

“This is a wake-up call,” said Ms. Milligan. “Leaders should focus not only on getting women to the C-level, but on making sure their organizations have the pipeline of women to follow and maintain their progress with women’s representation.”

When Women Thrive shows a similar flattening of opportunity for women in the United States and Canada. Currently, 39% of positions at the professional level and above are held by women, a share that will rise by merely 1 percentage point by 2025, Mercer projects, unless organizations act to reduce differences between women and men in rates of hire, promotion, and retention.Read More

Inside Florida business: Smart corporate leaders value women as board members

According to the Florida Census of Women Directors and Executive Officers for 2014, women board members comprise only 11.8 percent on Florida’s top 100 companies.

That number lags behind the national trend, where females represent 19 percent of board membership on the S&P 500 companies and Fortune 500 companies.

The census was assembled by the nonprofit Women Executive Leadership, in collaboration with Holland & Knight and the 2020 Women on Boards, a national initiative that seeks to increase women on U.S. boards 20 percent or greater by the year 2020.  Read the Full Article Here

Compare: The Payoff for Companies with Women on Boards

A new study takes a global look at how a company that has women on its board of directors translates into a better business. Read More


Global Survey Among C-Level Finds Weak Commitment to Gender Equality

According to research released today by leading global communications and engagement firm Weber Shandwick, nearly three-quarters (73 percent) of global senior executives believe that by 2030 women will occupy the top ranks of most large global companies in numbers equal to that of men. However, most global C-Level executives (56 percent) report that their organizations have not adopted formal goals that might turn this expectation into a reality and just four in 10 (39 percent) identify gender diversity in senior management as a high business priority, ranking seventh among 10 priorities. In the absence of such proactive steps, women appear to be developing “gender pipeline fatigue” and have come to believe that only through compulsory measures such as governmental mandates on equal pay will parity result any time soon.

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Six Surprising Stats About Women in Business

Certain fields aren’t known for their gender equality, but others have markedly improved over the past fifty years to become more inclusive than ever. According to new statistics released by The Graduate Management Admission Council, the number of women in business is increasing around the world, from Russia to Vietnam to the United States. Along with the percentage of women joining the professional ranks, the report also touches on the complex, culturally-based factors that can hold back female entrepreneurs, managers and business-owners.

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