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Although Boardroom Diversity Is Increasing, Women Remain Underrepresented

Looking at more than 3,000 global companies, Credit Suisse found that women held 14.7% of board seats in 2015.1

  • This was up 54% since 2010.2

Out of the 4,218 companies covered in MSCI’s study, women held 15% of board seats.3

  • This is up from 12.4% the previous year.4

Of those companies, 73.5% had at least one woman director.5

  • Only 20.1% had boards with at least three women.6

In Deloitte’s analysis of nearly 6,000 companies in 49 countries, women held 12% of board seats.7

  • Only 4% of board chair positions were held by women.8

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