Thursday, May 13, 2021 | 05:00pm – 06:15pm

“FUELING YOUR POWER” WITH TERI COCHRANE. What’s more important in our Year of Empowerment than self-care to empower women leaders in being the best they can be? In honor of National Women’s Health Week, this “FUELING YOUR POWER” “edutainment” event will cover priority self-care topics to support our busy, high-powered women leaders. Teri Cochrane, founder of the Global Sustainable Health Institute and a thought leader in longevity, sustainable health and maximizing human potential, will be sharing her 20+ years of experience to help you prioritize the most important items to focus on, covering mindfulness, connecting to/the importance of the frequency we maintain, meditation, and, of course, nutrition. “ASK THE EXPERT” Q&A. Teri will also be hosting a special members-only round of “Ask The Expert”, her signature forum for personal health questions and concerns. Be sure to register, then reply to the event confirmation email with your health & wellness questions by Thursday morning to have Teri respond live Thursday afternoon- all participants will be kept anonymous! Teri will also be hosting additional questions during the live Q&A portion of the event.  Here’s some food for thought: -What does “burnout” do to your body, and what strategies can be effective to avoid it? -Is Bioidentical Hormone Therapy an effective choice for women post-menopause? -Gluten free, paleo, keto - all hype or worth a try? -How can I start to shift this pandemic weight and feel as good as possible? -Solutions for chronic fatigue? -Natural solutions for stress reduction, anxiety, and depression? -I’m eating healthy - why am I still not feeling great? How can I feel more energized? Join us and get ready to fuel your power! MAY 13TH 5-6:15PM | MEMBERS ONLY | COMPLIMENTARY **Members must login to register**

Event Closed