Interested in Being Considered for Board Opportunities?

Update Your Resume in the WEL Board Search Database Today!

WEL is excited to announce that we have rolled out our Members-Only resume search portal on our newly designed website.

This search portal is designed to connect our members with for-profit board, not-for-profit board, and full-time positions.

We ask that you take a moment to reflect on your accomplishments, achievements, and professional growth, and then get your resumes/bios updated so you can be in a position to take advantage of this incredible Members-Only resource.

Login Here

Instructions for uploading your resume

  1. Go to:
  2. Login
  3. Under “Manage”, click “My Resume”
  4. Complete “Account Information” including all required fields and upload a photo if
    you so choose; click save
  5. Go to the toolbar on the right and click “My Applications & Resume Management”
  6. Complete your “Professional Headline” and Paste your Resume into the text box
    below; click save
  7. Complete the Address, Experience, and Education fields to finalize your profile; click save