WEL Mentorship Program

This program provides Board Ready and Near Board Ready members with an opportunity to be mentored and coached by successful business leaders.  Mentors provide mentees with opportunities to network and gain visibility within companies that may be seeking Board members.

Through participation in this program, along with mentoring, coaching, and resources provided, and an action plan developed, mentees will be ready for their first For Profit Board seat.

The program consists of one-on-one mentoring sessions, interactive learning sessions, face-to-face networking opportunities, recommended resources, and the development of an action plan.

Mentees must meet the following attributes: WEL member in good standing, Board Ready or Near Board Ready, current or recent (within 3 years) C-level executive reporting to CEO at a public company or private company with $100M or more in revenue, commitment to time required for participation, and commitment to the measures of program success.

The measures of program success are: mentee will have an action plan to become Board ready; within one year of completing the program, mentee will be interviewing for a For Profit Board seat; and within two years of completing the program, mentee will be on a For Profit Board.

A pilot was launched in November 2015 and will run for 3-6 months. After the pilot, feedback will be incorporated and the program will be fully launched.  Additional opportunities will be made available for participation at that time.  Upon launch, a program fee will apply.