The 2014 WEL Census

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The topic of gender diversity in the Boardroom and C-Suite is a longstanding and global one. Women Executive Leadership is once again contributing to the conversation in presenting our Florida Census of
Women Directors and Executive Officers for 2014. The 2014 Census highlights gender diversity in Florida’s largest public companies. The 2014 Census, assembled in collaboration with 2020 Women on Boards and
Holland & Knight, details the number of women on boards and in executive positions at Florida’s top 100 public companies, as ranked by revenue by Florida Trend magazine.

The 2014 results show both a trying and exciting time for women. The percentage of women directors on the boards of Florida’s top 100 public companies has increased to 11.8% from 8.8% in 2010 and 7.4% in 2008.
This shows that the needle is finally moving in a positive direction. We celebrate 26 breakthrough companies, which are companies that for the first time appear in Florida’s top 100 companies with at least one female
director. It is a true sign of forward-thinking companies to recognize that qualified women have much to contribute, including a new perspective on company issues. At the same time, our findings show women have gained ground in occupying leadership roles in the executive suite. However, a look at Florida’s top 100 public companies shows 71.4% still have no women executives.

We are committed to increasing these numbers and have a continued initiative to meet with companies statewide one on one to understand the challenges they face in identifying female candidates who would increase
diversity in their boardrooms and executive suites and partnering with them to identify candidates and developing their pipeline for future leaders.